Become a Member

Joining CCJ is a political commitment to building community and putting time and energy into pushing this work forward.

In addition to upholding and holding each other accountable to practicing our Points of Unity, below are the minimum commitments we’re asking folks to make to formally join the organization.

General Membership:

  • Promoting CCJ’s events/actions and work through talking with your loved ones and neighbors- and through sharing our work on social media if you’re able;
  • Monthly coming to at least 1 event, training, volunteering, direction action, etc.;
  • Consider donating to the organization for operating expenses and legal defense.


  • Maintaining communication with team and making active effort to attend monthly meetings and workteam meetings;
  • Participate in weekly meetings, take tasks to do research, create content, do outreach, etc.;
  • Make effort to participate in and fill roles during actions and events.

If you agree with our Principles of Unity and commit to doing this work with us, join CCJ today!