Chattanooga Peoples’ Platform

“A living document of demands that are being lifted by marginalized communities and our allies in Chattanooga, who are building movement on a local level, with a local coalition pressuring key decision makers. With these demands, we hope to shift city priorities from profit, mass incarceration, corporate welfare, and gentrification to solutions that eliminate the root causes of problems in our communities. We hope that this platform, and accompanying campaigns, will feed into statewide and national efforts that accomplish these goals on a broader scale.” (version 1.0, finalized February 2014)

During the fall and winter of 2013-2014, Chattanoogans came together for a series of public meetings to discuss what we wanted our local politicians — City Councilors, the Mayor, and our Statehouse representatives — to prioritize in their work. Concerned Citizens for Justice facilitated those meetings and synthesized the ideas, needs, and concerns that came out of those meetings into The People’s Platform.

It is a core belief in CCJ that our people already have political knowledge, and this Platform is proof of that belief.  We don’t need a politician to tell us what we deserve while they use our communities as stepping stones in their personal careers. We have the necessary understanding, experience, and power to make our neighborhoods, schools, and jobs safe and empowering for all Chattanoogans.

The People’s Platform is a living document. As we look ahead to the 2017 mayoral and city council elections (not to mention a new white supremacist president), we will continue to work with our members and our allied organizations to grow and revise the Platform, and will use it to keep candidates and elected officials accountable to the masses.

Check out the Chattanooga Peoples’ Platform