CHA Communiversity

The Communiversity is a political education program that CCJ anchors as a campus of Universidad Sin Fronteras / University Without Borders. We use popular education to connect folks’ lived experiences with existing knowledge and lessons from peoples’ movements. Together we develop:

  • Consciousness of where we’re at
  • Visions of the city and South that we need and deserve
  • Strategies that can lead our communities toward those visions

We know that we are stronger together, and the Communiversity is process that can help us learn and organize collectively.

The direct experiences of our base of working class black Chattanoogans informs the strategy and tactics of the organization. Although each Communiversity has folks who share particular knowledge through a short presentation, we know that the true knowledge from the community. Ultimately this class is a place where we choose a topic and learn from one another.

More info:

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