CCJ Supports Unjolee Moore’s Bid for New Trial

The family of Bernard Hughes and Timothy Westfield deserve justice. The prosecution and conviction of Unjolee Moore, resulting in a life sentence, was and is not justice. Convicted on four charges- Felony Murder, Attempted Especially Aggravated Robbery, Attempted Second Degree Murder, and Employing a Firearm During a Dangerous Felony- Moore was prosecuted and convicted without any DNA or other scientific and forensic evidence; without adequate legal defense; with conflicting eyewitness testimony, none of which placed him at the scene of the crime; and with police misconduct during the investigation.

Having already served nearly five years of a sentence where he will not be eligible for parole until 2069, Concerned Citizens for Justice (CCJ) supports his bid for a new trial. Moore appeared before Judge Poole in Hamilton County, TN Criminal Court on Thursday April 23, 2015 where his motion for a new trial was denied. The case now goes to the Tennessee Criminal Court of Appeals where his attorney will file an appeal.

On the night of June 29, 2010, an alleged attempted robbery took place at the former British Woods Apartment complex in Chattanooga that left Bernard Hughes dead and Timothy Westfield shot twice. Despite convictions in the case, we still say alleged because a handwritten letter from one of the accused, John Simpson, who has yet to stand trial, both admits guilt and says that the fateful night had nothing to do with a robbery. This is important, because the whole premise for prosecuting and convicting Unjolee Moore is that he was the mastermind and getaway driver for the alleged robbery.