Free Unjolee Moore!

Update and Urgent Action

For the last eight years, Mr. Unjolee Moore has been wrongfully incarcerated for crimes that he did not commit (Background here.) As Moore continues the fight to prove his innocence from the inside while awaiting his August hearing, we are deeply concerned for his safety.

Read and Sign our Letter to the Department of Corrections to transfer Moore from the notorious Trousdale Correctional Facility!

Moore was granted a post-conviction appeal hearing, but as he was awaiting transfer back to Hamilton County from Trousdale Correction Facility he was attacked by 17 inmates and stabbed over 30 times. One of his lungs was punctured and his jaw was broken in three places. Neither his family or attorney were able to get information about his wellbeing for nearly a month. He was transferred to Hamilton County recently for the hearing, but it has been rescheduled to August 13th and Moore’s been transferred back to Trousdale where his life may be in further danger.
Free Unjolee from solitary confinement by transferring him to Bledsoe County, where he can be in less danger, closer to his family, and better able to communicate with his attorney until his post-conviction hearing on August 13th.  If you or your organization would be willing to sign on to the letter, we are hoping to send it to the Tennessee Department of Correction by early next week (July 9). Please let us know if you need any further information.

Sign On!

Trousdale is a notoriously dangerous facility operated by CCA/CoreCivic. The Tennessee Department of Corrections was brought before a legislative hearing last Fall to answer for their lack of management/supervision of the facility, and even people who work there have openly expressed concerns about the conditions. Mr. Moore has requested to be transferred to Bledsoe County Correctional Complex, and we strongly urge the Tennessee Department of Correction to honor his request. Trousdale is such a dangerous and understaffed environment that prison officials claim they can only keep Mr. Moore safe by indefinitely imprisoning him in solitary confinement.
Join family, community members, and CCJ at the Hamilton County Courts Building on Monday August 13th starting at 8am, as we work to free Unjolee Moore by packing Judge Poole’s courtroom in support of his appeal!

Pack the Court!

Free Unjolee Moore!
Monday, Aug. 13th at 8am
Hamilton Co. Courts Building
600 Market St.