Justice for JaVario

Justice for JaVario Eagle

On December 12th of 2015, the CPD took him from his family, and from the community as a whole, when they publicly executed him after he had committed no capital offense. Despite the police story being full of holes, no charges have been filed against the six cops who murdered JaVario Eagle.Six police open fired on JaVario just 15 minutes after he called them for help.

JaVario was raised in Chattanooga, TN and was a respected community leader and family member. He  was a songwriter, producer and poet who was working on signing a record deal at the time of his death.

JaVario was a leader in the community by being a member of Team 100, an organization for the anti-gang initiative. He was a man of peace and reconciliation.

He pushed a message that you shouldn’t be about fighting each other and claiming territories, but about looking out for each other and doing whatever ever it takes to survive in a system that devalues your life. He talked about the struggle and how it’s hard in thes streets just to survive. JaVario sent a message of encouragement to get what you can how you can and to stay lifted. He made a song not too long before his death that has a hook about police harassment that will break your heart.

“Walking and I’m crossin’ my fingers,

I’m praying asking the Lord to save me.

Dealing with satin, He sent his demons out to chase me.

Patiently waiting upon the day they gone erase me…

I wonder why they hate me.”

Lord Save Me by: JV Da Reaper

He spoke to our people in a way that was raw and we could all understand. Da Reaper spoke directly to the black working class struggle. Since JaVario was murdered, we take the time to remember him every six months. From cookouts to rallies we have come together as a community to raise awareness, love on the family, and raise funds to help with legal fees.

June 12th, 2016 we had a cookout and concert as a fundraiser in College Hill Courts. Local rappers and poets came and gave a free performance to raise money for legal fees and to create a safe zone for folks to come and talk about their stories of police brutality and get help where needed. The fight for Justice for JaVario will be a long one but CCJ and our communities are in it for the long run.