Our over-arching goal is to end White Supremacy in the Chattanooga region. We believe in using a diverse set of tactics, so we approach this work many ways.

The main strategies we use are political education, anti-State violence campaigns; helping to build and coordinate movement among diverse people and frontlines; and through organizing with folks to develop consciousness, vision, and strategies that can lead our communities toward liberation.

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Anti-State Violence Campaigns

We live in a society structured by White Supremacy and exploitation under Capitalism, and our communities (which are mostly made up of Black, working class, and other oppressed folks) are often in crisis and defending themselves from criminalization, mass-incarceration, gentrification, and displacement. A central part of our work is standing with and supporting these communities as they rise up against unjust conditions and State violence.

Organizing and Building Power

We believe in building independent grassroots bases of people who are directly impacted by systemic violence at the local level that can engage in collective action to win immediate material gains for our communities as part of long-term strategies that interrupt, dismantle, and replace these systems.

Solidarity and Movement Building

We know that the fundamental changes needed in our city and society can not be accomplished by a single group- there are too many fights on too many frontlines- and believe that we’re stronger together than apart.

CCJ is committed to working with diverse communities to develop and support collective visions, strategies, and actions that dismantle and transform harmful systems rather than simply adjust and reinvent them.

We are heavily involved in the Movement for Black Lives and Southern Movement Assembly process.

Political Education

Education for action is a core part of how we approach all of our work. Our communities struggle inside a system that increasingly uses education to develop future workers, not necessarily to develop the skills, values, and relationships that are necessary for grassroots democracy. We believe in practicing liberation and the world we’re building together, so we have to educate each other and our communities every step of the way.